Anger in Beit El at Lack of Security

A window in Beit El hit by a terrorist’s bullet.
A window in Beit El hit by a terrorist’s bullet.

For the third time this week, terrorists carried out a drive-by shooting attack on homes in the Beit El community in the Binyamin region.

Several rounds of ammunition again penetrated houses, but b’chasdei Shamayim, no one was hurt, though windows were shattered and bullets were found within the houses themselves, only a few feet from the residents and their children.

Residents quote soldiers on duty there who have told them they are afraid to respond to the shootings because “they have no backing from their commanders.”

In all three incidents, the shootings were carried out from the road in Surda, a neighborhood on the eastern edge of Ramallah, a short distance from Beit El. The road in question was closed to vehicular traffic for years and only recently reopened, and now it is being used for shooting at Jewish homes.

In the distant past, after the Palestinians shot from that road, the IDF erected a protective wall, but that was taken down at the end of the previous Intifada.

“It cannot be,” the residents say, “that they shoot at us day after day, and soldiers who are right near us don’t respond, as if they have orders not to.”

Last week, the IDF commander in Yehuda and Shomron and listened to the complaints of the residents, but did not promise anything, they stressed.


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