Neighbors Protest Environment Ministry’s Cellphone Tower

Cellphone tower (Pixabay)
A cellphone tower. (Pixabay)

While the jury is still out on the danger of cellular antennas and whether or not the radiation they generate is harmful to people, one would expect that an organization dedicated to environmental safety would be sensitive to the perception of many Israelis that the cell towers are problematic.

Not the Israeli Environment Ministry, apparently, according to employees of government office buildings in the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Yerushalayim. Speaking to Yisrael Hayom, employees in the area said that the sight of the large antenna on the top of the Ministry headquarters was “frightening. We are in this building many hours a day. No one wants to have these antennas here, because we are afraid for our health. Shouldn’t the Environment Ministry be setting an example? How does the Environment Minister, who should know better, allow such a dangerous structure to be sitting on top of his head all day?

“Even if this antenna has been deemed safe, the situation is absurd,” said the workers. “The Environment Ministry is supposed to be leading the way on issues like this.”

In response to the paper’s request, a Ministry spokesperson said that the antenna in question, like others, had passed all inspections and had been licensed to be placed in the industrial and business area of Givat Shaul. “We have checked this antenna numerous times and determined that the level of radiation emitted is minimal. The data on the how much radiation the public is exposed to is freely available to the public,” the spokesperson added.