Lucky Akko Couples to Get All-Expenses Paid Weddings


High prices affect everyone, but for parents who need to make a wedding for their children – or prospective newlyweds who are paying for it themselves – the challenges are manifold.

The situation is worrying enough that a resident of the city of Akko (Acre) had decided to donate the cost of a wedding and engagement party to four couples in the city who are in need. Shmuel Hayak made the offer through a radio program he co-hosts on Northern Radio.

A local philanthropist who has done this kind of thing before, Hayak contacted local service providers and catering hall owners, all of whom responded positively to the project. The weddings will take place on Aug. 28, and the costs of everything – including clothing for the chassan, a wedding gown, photographer, music, and even the rings, will be covered. The weddings will be conducted by Rabbi Yosef Kaduri, a grandson of noted mekubal Harav Yitzchak Kaduri, zt”l.

Hayak is appointing a special committee which will examine the many expected applications, including economic need, family status, if the applicants are new immigrants, IDF veterans, or the like. All candidates will be interviewed, and the committee will vote on whom it deems most deserving of the prize.

“This project is another symbol of our commitment to helping as many Israelis as possible to marry,” said Hayak.