U.S., Allies Conduct 13 Air Strikes in Iraq, 5 in Syria

WASHINGTON (Reuters) —

The United States and its allies conducted 13 air strikes against the Islamic State terror group in Iraq and five in Syria on Sunday, the coalition leading the operations said.

In Iraq, six of the strikes were near the contested city of Ramadi, where they hit three tactical units, five staging areas, two rocket rails, two fighting positions and a weapons cache, the Combined Joint Task Force said in a statement on Monday.

There were three strikes near Mosul, two near Qayyarah, one near Kirkuk and one at Sinjar, destroying an Islamic State bunker, tactical units, vehicles and a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device, the coalition said.

In Syria, three strikes near Manbij hit a tactical unit and destroyed a mortar system, two fighting positions and two buildings.

The other strikes hit near al Hawl, where they destroyed two fighting positions and a tunnel system, and Dayr Az Zawr, where they destroyed three Islamic State front-end loaders.

Ramadi was also a prime target on Saturday, when the United States and its allies conducted seven strikes that destroyed a tactical vehicle, three fighting positions, a front-end loader and denied Islamic State terrorists access to terrain, the task force said.

In all, the United States and its allies conducted 18 air strikes in Iraq, the task force said in a statement on Sunday.

Other strikes hit near Mosul, Kirkuk, Sinjar, Tal Afar, al Qaim and Habbaniyah, where one of two air strikes cratered a land bridge used by Islamic State, the statement said.

There were five strikes in Syria on Saturday, in Hasakah, Raqqa, Ayn Isa and Mar’a, the task force said.

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