Herzog: Bomb Hamas Tunnels


Opposition leader Isaac Herzog (Zionist Camp) urged the government to bomb the Hamas tunnels, which the Gaza terrorist organization has been rebuilding ever since the end of operation Protective Edge.

Accusing the government of hesitation, Herzog asked, “What are the Prime Minister and Defense Minister waiting for? For terrorists with guns drawn to emerge in a kibbutz or moshav?”

“They have to instruct the IDF to bomb the tunnels and eliminate this threat,” he said, “especially if there are already tunnels that crossed into Israel.”

“Hamas is bragging and we are doing nothing,” he complained on Sunday during a visit with regional council leaders in the south.

While there, Herzog also noted that people living near the Gaza border reported hearing tunnels being dug under their homes, and that the Egyptians have bombed numerous Hamas tunnels under the Rafah crossing.

Last week, Hamas announced that seven members of its military wing, Izzadin Kassam, were killed when a tunnel collapsed.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued a statement saying that he was “alarmed” by recent pronouncements from Hamas that they will continue building tunnels and firing rockets at Israel.

Hamas officials said they were “proud that hundreds of our men are working quietly” underground to prepare for the next round of fighting with Israel. Hamas leader Ismael Haniyeh boasted on Friday that they have “built twice the number of tunnels that were built in Vietnam, a subject which is studied in military schools.”

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