Texas ‘Weather Nerd’ Comes To NYC on ‘Snow Tour’


Texans Steve and Kathleen Yarborough weren’t quite like the other travelers stuck in New York this weekend: They came to the city because of the big snowstorm.

“I’m a weather nerd,” the husband said in an upbeat tone Monday as the couple waited for a return flight to Houston. “I came out to see the storm.”

Steve Yarborough, a Texas born and bred aviation data specialist, said that in Houston, the closest he gets to snow is on the aviation maps he pores over.

When he saw the weekend storm building up, he said he and his wife booked a flight to see it firsthand. They got onto the last United Airlines flight to leave Houston for New York.

“People thought we were crazy,” he said. “We played in the snow all day Saturday. Walked down Park Avenue in the middle of the storm. We walked all over the city.”