A Gem of a Story: Missing ‘Trashed’ Engagement Ring Found

Ultra Orthodox Jews search in a pile of garbage at Jeruslem's Givat Shaul city dump, after losing a very expesive engagement ring, on January, 21, 2016. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90
Helping the search in the Givat Shaul city dump, last Thursday. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

All’s well that ends well in the case of the missing diamond engagement ring, according to a report on Kol Chai radio. On Sunday afternoon, a family member got a phone call informing him that the diamond ring that had been lost in Geulah – and that had prompted a search by dozens of people in the municipal dump – had been found. A family member speaking on the radio said that the ring had indeed been found by an individual who is a friend of the family. After the kallah provided appropriate simanim, the ring was ascertained to be the lost one – and it is now in her possession again.

The dramatic ‘search and rescue’ operation took place in Geulah last Thursday morning, as dozens of people looked for a diamond engagement ring that its owner believed was taken out with the trash. The ring, worth a large amount, is owned by a kallah who is set to be married next month.

The family believed that the ring accidentally fell into a trash bag, which a family member brought down to the neighborhood dumpster – which was immediately collected and emptied by a city sanitation truck. The ring, presumably, was taken to the city dump – and it was there that hundreds of people, with the full permission of the city, were sorting through the trash in a feverish, if pungent, search for the ring.

However, the ring apparently never made it to the truck, instead slipping out of the trash bag and falling onto the sidewalk. It was there that a passerby found it Friday afternoon. He picked it up and realizing its value, took it home, intending to seek out its owner after Shabbos. The finder was unaware of the story, and only when he heard about it on Sunday did he realize what he had found, he said. In a follow-up, the family again thanked the dozens of people who volunteered to help find the ring and assuage the agmas nefesh of a kallah.

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