Second Batch of Salmonella-Infested Eggs Banned

Egs. Sarah Schuman/ Flash90
Eggs. (Sarah Schuman/Flash90)

The Health Ministry has halted the import of eggs from Spain, for fear that they are infected with salmonella. The import ban was announced by the ministry last week after tests of samples of imported eggs indicated that there were indeed eggs infected with the bacteria.

This is the second ban of imported eggs into Israel.Two weeks ago, eggs from Ukraine were banned as well, after tests of samples from those eggs also yielded some with the bacteria.

Most of the eggs imported into Israel from foreign countries are used in industrial food production. Health Ministry officials have informed the purchasers of the eggs to test samples from the batches which have already been delivered to manufacturers.

Ministry officials called on the public to avoid eating raw eggs, and to store eggs properly. Consumers should be especially cautious when preparing egg-based foods for the elderly and for children.