Report Shows NY Hospital Infection Rate Decreasing


New York’s Health Department reports that the rate of hospital-acquired infections declined again in 2014.

Health officials say those infections can afflict patients admitted to hospitals, resulting in longer stays, higher costs and unnecessary deaths.

The department says New York hospitals have shown marked improvements and prevented an estimated 15,000 infections since the annual reporting began in 2007.

The report shows 8,890 infections from Clostridium difficile, an intestinal bacteria called C. diff, among inpatients in 2014, down 32 percent since 2010.

The department says 2,000 deaths may have resulted from that and other antibiotic-resistant organisms that year, including about 850 acquired at hospitals.

The report showed 863 hospital-acquired infections at surgical sites, 546 bloodstream infections from inserted central lines and 1,345 from two other drug-resistant bacteria.