Anti-Israel Activists Riot on U.K. Campus


A speech by former Shin Bet chief Ami Ayalon was the occasion for anti-Israel disorders at Kings College London University on Tuesday night, Arutz Sheva reported.

Police were called in after members of the “Action Palestine” student group, along with cohorts from other London universities, threw chairs at people attending, banged on windows and broke in, and set off fire alarms repeatedly in order to disrupt the event.

One student, Esther Endfield, lodged a complaint with police after being physically assaulted. In an online post, she recounted “crying hysterically for over half an hour because I was so terrified.”

Ayalon – who was invited by the controversial liberal Jewish group Yachad – is, as it happens, a prominent figure on the Israeli left who supports concessions to the Palestinians.

Meanwhile, Likud MK Anat Berko observed that the Israel boycott movement doesn’t discriminate against different political opinions, saying that “even when left-wing lecturers speak abroad, their lectures get blown up. It’s because they’re Jewish, no matter their political belief.”

Berko was speaking during a Knesset meeting which focused attention on a group of 71 British physicians who have begun lobbying the World Medical Association (WMA) to revoke the membership of the Israel Medical Association (IMA).

IMA representative Dr. Ze’ev Feldman informed the Knesset Science and Technology Committee of the problem during a meeting on academic boycotts against Israel on Wednesday.

“The sword of the boycott has been raised against the scientific medical community in Israel,” he declared, warning that Israel’s medical doctors are “in grave danger.”

“The professional British journals have adopted the idea of letters to the editor that libel Israeli doctors,” he added. “They claim our doctors perform medical torture on Palestinian patients.”

Committee chairman MK Uri Maklev (United Torah Judaism) noted that “the phenomenon of academic boycotts is spreading and is connected to the economic and consumer boycotts against Israel.”

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