Israel Battens Down for Next Big Storm


Israelis were told to batten down for another sandstorm, then heavy rain and colder temperatures starting on Monday morning.

Health experts advised people to avoid the outdoors as much as possible and close their windows, especially those who are sensitive to dust and suffer from chronic disease.

Haziness from the dust is expected to intensify during the day, along with winds reaching as high as 50 miles per hour.

After that, heavy rains are forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday. Mount Hermon residents have been told to brace for a major snowstorm from Monday to Wednesday.

The storm is the product of a wintry depression sweeping in from the Aegean Sea, through southern Turkey and the Gulf of Iskenderun, Dr. Amos Porat, head of the Climate Department at the IMS, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

“Its preceding winds will be southerly to southwesterly and strong, resulting in haze and sandstorms mainly [Monday] and perhaps partly on Tuesday,” Porat said. “Later, the winds will become southwesterly to westerly, which will bring rain to northern Israel and part of central Israel. It will be much cooler since cold air will flow from Eastern Europe and Turkey through the Mediterranean.”