None Injured in Knesset Dining Room ‘Glass-Gate’ Scandal

Knesset (Flash 90)
The Knesset building. (Flash90)

“Waiter, there’s a piece of glass in my soup” is a line you might expect in an old-time joke, not in the Knesset dining room – but a guest who dined on some soup there this week checked himself into the hospital to have himself checked for internal damage after finding just that in his soup of the day. Ibrahim Nidal, a member of the Likud Central Committee who was eating in the dining room, said that he felt a “stabbing” inside his throat, and then saw the piece of glass floating in his soup.

While a close examination of the soup showed that there was actually a large piece of glass hiding there, Nidal said in an interview later that doctors had not found any glass fragments inside him after he checked himself in to a hospital. Nidal then reported the incident to the Knesset security office, but a quick investigation showed that the glass was not placed into the soup on purpose, but apparently fell in unnoticed at some point in the kitchen.

Sodesko, the company that has the contract for food preparation in the Knesset dining room, said that the glass incident “was not part of the process of cooking or serving, and it was not due to a broken dish or utensil in the kitchen. The food preparation and serving process is closely watched and monitored at all times. We are happy that no damage was caused.”

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