Soldier Sentenced to Almost Four Years in Prison For Security Breach


A military court imposed a severe punishment Tuesday on an IDF corporal for unauthorized disclosure of classified military information.

He was sentenced to 45 months in prison, and then will be on probation afterwards. He was demoted to the rank of private.

While serving in the Etzion Regional Brigade, the officer conducted unauthorized searches in the military’s computer files for the purpose of tipping off hilltop youth in Bat Ayin, where he is a resident, about police actions against them.

He was arrested on March 10 and charged with “aggravated espionage” and confessed to passing on “classified and sensitive documents to rightist extremists for ideological motives,” the Shin Beit said.

A military source said that “such offenses must be eradicated from the IDF and a harsh punishment handed out to those who betray the trust given to them by the military apparatus and harm Israel’s security interests.”