Snow in Yerushalayim? Winter Weather to Wallop Israel

Snow on Jerusalem rooftops, February 20, 2015. Photo by Sliman Khader/Flash90
Snow on Yerushalayim rooftops, Feb. 20, 2015. (Sliman Khader/Flash90)

Israel is in for a wet weekend – and Yerushalayim residents could end up with snow on the ground. A major winter storm entered the region Thursday, with heavy rains, thunder and lightning storms, and cold temperatures. The rain, storm, and cold trend will only increase on Friday and Shabbos.

Cold temperatures on Thursday night will turn the rain into snow in the Golan Heights, and in areas with elevations 850 meters above sea level – which includes many of the higher elevations in the Galilee, such as Tzfas. Later on, early Friday morning, temperatures will get even colder – meaning that snow will be possible at elevations of 500 meters above sea level, which could include Yerushalayim.

That, however, is a long shot – but there will be plenty of rain and near-freezing temperatures to make up for it, forecasters said. Israel Electric Company officials said that they had drafted all their “reserve staff” to be on duty to quickly repair downed electric wires due to heavy winds, while local officials in many cities urged people to take the weekend off, and not to try to drive in bad weather if it isn’t necessary.

Things should start to clear out by Saturday night, forecasters said, but weather patterns indicated that another major winter storm was possible next week, too.