Progress Reported in Gush Katif Resettlement


The ministerial committee for overseeing the resettlement of the evacuees from Gush Katif convened to receive an update and to decide on what assistance the families still need.

The committee was told that 170 families from Gush Katif have yet to move into permanent homes, although solutions have been agreed upon. It was also reported that the state has spent roughly 12 billion shekels, or almost 3 billion dollars, to assist the evacuees thus far.

Committee chairman Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) said at the meeting that “despite the large budget and the continued assistance, the process has progressed but not finished.” All the families have agreed to housing solutions, and the remaining 170 were under development or construction, which have advanced rapidly in the last two years.

The number of families who have entered permanent dwellings since being forced out of Gush Katif now stands at 920.

The committee approved a continuation of government assistance. About 40 million shekels were allocated to local muncipalities who are absorbing evacuees. In addition, each new community of evacuees will receive funds for communal needs and employment.