Fatah Weighs Suicide Bombings


Palestinian leaders are considering a return to suicide bombings, and not just Hamas. A senior Palestinian official told Israel Radio on Monday that there are those in the higher echelons of Fatah who favor it, but the majority are still against.

It was reported late last week that the Shin Bet had broken a large Hamas cell which was in fact planning suicide bombings.

The more moderate Fatah leaders are not opposed to suicide bombings on human grounds, however; only that such an escalation was not yet called for, and they are taking a “wait and see” position in the meantime.

However, he said that Fatah would “sooner or later” have to take part in the three month

wave of terror.

“We have no choice. And when it happens – all of the rules of the game will change. Hamas will feel more free to act as well. What’s happening now is just the tip of the iceberg,” he threatened.

Israelis may not be the only targets of the terror. He said that disaffection with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas among the youth is such that the PA itself would be a likely target.