Kachlon: Rumors of Kulanu – Likud Merger Are False

Moshe Kahlon (Flash 90)
Finance Minister Moshe Kachlon. (Flash 90)

A merger between the Likud and Kulanu is unlikely, according to Kulanu head, Finance Minister Moshe Kachlon. In a social media message, Kachlon said that the Likud and Kulanu “followed different paths” on the issues that he cared about. “In recent weeks, several individuals in the Likud with specific interests have been raising the possibility that there are negotiations between us and them for unification,” wrote Kachlon. “These rumors are false.

“I returned to public life in order to correct the inequality in Israeli society and to close the intolerable social gaps we face,” Kachlon wrote. “Kulanu is leading social change in a way that has not taken place in decades. We raised the salary of soldiers, we raised payments for the elderly, we authored a labor agreement that helps the weak, and we are implementing reforms that will make housing more affordable for young couples.”

The Likud, he wrote, “has taken another path,” the nature of which he did not elaborate on. As such Kachlon declared: “We have no plans to join the Likud. Just the opposite – if those Likud figures believe in our path, they should join our party. We will continue to advance the issues we care about and for which we established Kulanu.”

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