Mandelblit Pegged as Next Attorney General

Avihai Mandelblit. Photo by Emil Salman/POOL
Government Secretary Avichai Mandelblit. (Emil Salman/POOL)

Israel’s next Attorney General is likely to be an observant Jew. On Sunday, the state search committee recommended current government secretary Avichai Mandelblit to replace Yehuda Weinstein in the position, when the latter’s term expires in January.

Mandelblit was the only candidate recommended by a committee of MKs who were charged with making recommendations for Weinstein’s replacement. Members of the committee included MKs Anat Berko, Yechiel Katz, former Justice Minister Moshe Nissim, and professor of law Gavriela Shalev.

In a statement, the committee said that after it had interviewed numerous candidates and discussed the choice at 14 separate meetings, “we have decided to recommend only one candidate for the position.”

If Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu does take up the suggestion, Mandelblit’s appointment is likely to be brought before the High Court for approval.