Ohel of Avnei Nezer and Shem MiShmuel Vandalized in Sochaczew Cemetery

The ohel of the Avnei Nezer and the Shem MiShmuel in Sochaczew, Poland, was vandalized last weekend, with the perpetrators spraying Nazi and Islamist slogans and symbols.

Photos released by the Sochaczew Museum, which takes care of the cemetery in that central Polish city, show spray-painted slogans such as “All-ah bless Hitler,” “Islamic State was here” and “Islam will dominate,” as well as swastikas and the number “88,” which is often used by neo Nazis as a code for “Heil Hitler” because “h” is the eight letter of the alphabet.

The museum is appealing to local residents for help in restoring the cemetery.

“It was with disbelief that we discovered this barbaric behavior at the cemetery,” said Paul Rozdżestwieński, the director of the museum, in a statement in Polish posted on the museum’s website.

“As museum professionals and at the same time residents of Sochaczew, we are ashamed of such behavior and we would like to ask all residents to help organize the restoration of the Sochaczew cemetery to a dignified appearance.”

“Despite the turmoil of history, historical catastrophes and wars fought in this region, in the minds of the inhabitants still lie the memories of former neighbors.”