IDF Returns Fire in Fourth Gaza Border Incident


For the fourth time in the past week, Israeli soldiers were fired upon by snipers within the Gaza Strip on Wednesday evening, as they patrolled along the border near Khan Younis.

Later on Wednesday, Gaza terrorists set off a bomb as an IDF patrol passed by in the same area. B’chasdei Shamayim, no one was injured in the incident.

IDF troops retaliated with three mortars in the direction of the terrorist. According to Palestinian sources, three of the terrorists were wounded, one seriously; the other two were moderately to lightly hurt.

In a separate incident, the IDF’s Duvdevan unit conducted a raid in the Kalandiya refugee camp in northern Yerushalayim, where they arrested terrorist suspects. Three Israeli soldiers were injured during disturbances that broke out at the scene, and they were taken to a hospital.

Also on Wednesday night, the Binyamin battalion carried out a wide-ranging operation in coordination with the Border Police, local police and the civil administration in Kalandiya. During the raid, in which arrests were made and weapons confiscated, rioting ensued involving dozens of Palestinians. Gunfire was directed at the IDF soldiers, but none were hurt.

Searches in a number of houses in the camp turned up gun components and thousands of bullets, along with incitement materials.

In addition, the Etzion battalion conducted a raid in the Dehashya refugee camp, where they arrested four Hamas operatives and others who have taken part in violent protests in the region.