Dog Bites Man at PM’s Residence


The Netanyahu family dog, Kaiya, apparently rattled by the commotion at Chanukah candle-lighting, bit two guests at the prime minister’s residence on Wednesday night.

Likud MK Sharon Haskel and attorney Or Alon, the husband of Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely, required medical attention for the bites.

Netanyahu apologized for the normally well-behaved pet’s behavior, and accompanied Haskel to a side room where his on-duty paramedics bandaged her hand.

The freshman Likud MK, a former veterinary nurse and wild animal handler, was unperturbed. In an online message, she wrote afterward, “To those asking about my welfare, as someone who was once a [professional] snake wrangler, a small bite from a dog doesn’t excite me.”

It emerged on Thursday that the prime minister himself had been bitten by Kaiya a few months ago, according to Army Radio.

Netanyahu received rabies vaccinations following the bite, a standard procedure in such situations.