U.S. and Allies Launch Strikes Against IS in Iraq, Syria

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -

The United States and its allies conducted 17 air strikes against Islamic State (IS) targets in Iraq and 12 in Syria on Saturday, the coalition leading the operations said in a statement.

In Iraq, the air strikes focused on the terrorist strongholds of Mosul and Ramadi, where four and six strikes respectively hit tactical units, weapons and buildings, the coalition said on Sunday. Other strikes hit near Albu Hayat, Sinjar, Sultan Abdalla and al Huwayjah.

In Syria, the strikes hit near Ayn Isa, Mar’a, Raqqa, and Dayr Az Zawr, where five of the dozen strikes destroyed five Islamic State oil wells, the statement said.

At least 32 IS terrorists were killed and 40 more wounded in Syria’s Raqqa province on Sunday, a monitoring group said.