Winter Chill Set to Hit Israel

A tractor removes snow from a road at the snowcovered Mt Hermon, in Northern Israel on April 12, 2015. Photo by Basal Awidat/Flash90
A tractor removes snow from a road at the snow-covered Mt. Hermon, in northern Israel on April 12, 2015. (Basal Awidat/Flash90)

Chanukah is to begin Sunday night, and Israel is set to have appropriately Chanukah-ish – read “wintery” – weather over the weekend. An unusually cold wave of air is set to enter the region Friday night, with temperatures near freezing in Yerushalayim and some of the higher elevations.

According to forecasters, the weather Friday and Motzoei Shabbos nights would be perfect for snow accumulations – but to the disappointment of kids all over the country, the current system is a dry one and there will be no precipitation in this system.

Sunday afternoon should see a rise in temperature, but things will remain cool for this time of year.

The Israel Electric Company said in a statement that it does not anticipate a problem in supplying power over the weekend. The IEC said that it had a reserve of 3,000 megawatts that had been put into service in the past years. In recent winters, heavy use of heaters on cold winter nights has caused occasional brownouts in areas where the electrical infrastructure has not been upgraded. “We are prepared for any and every emergency and we will ensure that the power stays on,” the IEC statement said.