Netanyahu: IAEA Report Proves Iranians Continue Producing Nuclear Weapons


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu responded Wednesday night on the release of report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, and said that the findings validate the very same conclusions made by Israel over the years, that the Iranians have continued producing nuclear weapons, even after announcing that they had ceased to do so.

“The investigation by the IAEA,” noted sources in the office of Netanyahu, “proves beyond any doubt that Iran was operating a secret program to develop nuclear weapons, even after 2003, as Israel said. In addition, the report reveals the techniques of deception and concealment of Iran regarding its nuclear program.”

Another point noted by the source was that “the most obvious example of this is the conduct of the facility in Farzan, where the Iranians were trying to hide evidence of prohibited activities.

“Israel now expects the international community to continue – and deepen – the investigation through the IAEA in these areas and use all means at its disposal to ensure that Iran cannot and will not build secret nuclear weapons. Without concluding this investigation, the world will never know what came out of the secret plan of Iran and what its current status is.”

Experts now believe that the conclusions of the report of the IAEA hamper the implementation of the agreement signed between Iran and the world powers, and they especially find it difficult to undertake to gradually reduce the sanctions against Iran after it has undertaken to reduce its nuclear activities, since clearly this is not happening.