Syrian Family Settles in NJ As Christie Softens Tone


A family of seven from Syria prepared to settle in northern New Jersey Monday, two weeks after Gov. Chris Christie told President Barack Obama that the state wouldn’t accept any more Syrian refugees.

Christie, campaigning in New Hampshire, said in a statement he will continue to oppose the resettlement program until security concerns are addressed.

“In this case and all prior, the federal government has failed to consult with New Jersey, has shared no security or background information, and can give no assurances about the integrity of the resettlement process,” the statement said, adding that Christie “will remain opposed to the continuation of this program until the fundamental concerns for our national and state security are addressed.”

Christie is one of many governors to take the position in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, which have elevated fears about the potential risk caused by the flood of migrants trying to escape from Syria’s brutal civil war.

New Jersey had accepted 75 Syrian refugees this year through last Tuesday, according to data from the Refugee Processing Center.