Russia-Turkey Rift Could Benefit Israeli Economy


The rift that has suddenly opened between Russia and Turkey could be a boon to the economy of Israel.

Russian retaliation for the downing of its plane by Turkey will reportedly include economic sanctions, such as an immediate shutdown of trade and tourism with Turkey.

Moscow has already warned its citizens against traveling to Turkey, until now a major destination for Russian tourists, and the Israel’s tourism ministry has lost no time in trying to seize the opportunity, investing $2.6 million in promotional efforts in the Russian market.

Russia’s Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev said his country would be replacing Turkish produce with goods from Iran, Israel and Morocco.

“Turkish vegetables account for 20 percent of the total Russian imports of vegetables. Import of vegetables, tomatoes in the first place, will be substituted with those from Iran, Morocco, Israel, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan,” he told Russian media.