Camera System in Freeport Captures Every License Plate

The village of Freeport, Long Island, is surrounding its perimeter with a network of license-plate readers as a law-enforcement tool, reports CBS New York.

According to reporting by CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff, the license plate of every car that passes through Freeport — including on Sunrise Highway and Merrick Road — is scanned.

The 27 license-plate readers that enclose the perimeter of the village automatically cross-reference with state, federal and DMV databases.

An alert for a warrant, stolen car, or suspected getaway car will sound at a command center that is open 24/7.

Freeport Mayor Robert Kennedy told reporters Wednesday that police have eyes on an average of 155,000 cars a day.

“Today alone, we have had 50 hits in the first three hours,” Kennedy said.

The cars that triggered alerts by the system were wanted in abductions, hit-and-runs and robberies. In the program’s first two weeks, 280 cars were impounded and 1,000 summonses written, CBS New York reported.