Palestinian Terrorist Kills a Father and Son Near Chevron

YERUSHALAYIM (Hamodia Staff) —
The kevarim of Rabbi Yaakov Litman, Hy”d, and his son Netanel, Hy”d.
The kevarim of Rabbi Yaakov Litman, Hy”d, and his son Netanel, Hy”d.
Netanel Litman, Hy”d. (L), Rabbi Yaakov Litman, Hy”d. (R)
Netanel Litman, Hy”d. (L), Rabbi Yaakov Litman, Hy”d. (R)

The suspected terrorist in the murder on Erev Shabbos of Rabbi Yaakov Litman (40), Hy”d, and his son Netanel (18), Hy”d, outside Otniel, south of Chevron, was arrested by Israeli security forces on Sunday.

They were the 13th and 14th Israelis to die in the ongoing wave of terror, in which hundreds of others have also been wounded.

Five other family members — Mrs. Noa Litman, three daughters aged 5, 9, and 11, and a 16-year-old son — suffered minor wounds. They were on their way to a family simchah when their vehicle was targeted by gunfire.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu condemned the attack and conveyed his condolences to Mrs. Litman in a shivah call.

On Motzoei Shabbos and again on Sunday, Netanyahu drew a parallel to the events in Paris which took place just a few hours after the incident in Israel.

“In Israel, like in France, terror is terror, and what stands behind it is extremist Islam and its desire to destroy its victims,” Netanyahu said at Sunday’s cabinet meeting.

“We should remember — we are not responsible for the terror that is turned against us, just like the French aren’t responsible for the terror turned against them. Terrorists are responsible for terror. Not the [Palestinian] territories, not the [Jews in Yehudah and Shomron], no other factor — but the desire to exterminate us perpetuates the conflict and drives the murderous aggression against us,” Netanyahu said.

“It’s time that the world wakes up and unites to defeat terror. It’s time that countries [around the world] condemn the terror against us in the same way they condemn terror elsewhere in the world,” the prime minister said.

“It’s only proper that Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas], who yesterday condemned the terror attack in France, condemns the cruel terror against innocents in Israel and battles the incitement that drives it.”

Netanyahu also had scathing criticism for the Palestinian Red Crescent Society for violating ‘human and civilized norms’ by failing to stop and treat members of the Litman family in the South Chevron Hills on Friday.

The prime minister instructed the Foreign Ministry to register a formal protest with the International Committee of the Red Cross, under whose auspices the Palestinian Red Crescent Society operates.

He also asked Israel’s Ambassador to the U.N., Danny Danon, to raise the matter with U.N. Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon, though Ban has no authority over the PRCS.

“If things are indeed as they seem to me today, the state of Israel will take appropriate steps against the Red Crescent,” Netanyahu said.

Mrs. Litman told Netanyahu that the Red Crescent Society ambulance was the first responder on the scene, but that it drove off without offering them assistance.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society denied the accusations against it, saying that PRCS started giving first aid to the wounded, but left when Magen David Adom units arrived, brandishing weapons, the PRSC wrote on its website.

It also alleged that since October 1 the IDF has repeatedly attacked its teams in the field with tear gas and pepper spray.

On Sunday, Israeli forces arrested a Palestinian suspect in Friday’s drive-by shooting, according to the Shin Bet security service.

The suspect, Shadi Ahmed Matawa, 28, and reportedly a member of Islamic Jihad from Chevron, was turned in to authorities by his father. It seems that he had confided to his brother what he had done, and he then informed their father.

It said they also seized a weapon and a vehicle used in the shooting, and that the suspect admitted to involvement in the attack.

In another incident, four Israelis were wounded in a hit-and-run attack on Motzoei Shabbos in the Shomron between Kokhav Yaakov and Psagot, north of the capital.

An Arab driver apparently rammed his car into a Jewish vehicle, Arutz Sheva reported.

The driver later died from wounds suffered in the crash.

Local police said they had determined it was indeed a terrorist attack and not an accident as at first it appeared it might have been.

Apparently, the terrorist was intending to drive into Psagot to carry out a knifing, but when he was spotted by the security guard at the entrance to the town he panicked and rammed his car into a Jewish vehicle.

In other violence on Friday, near Ramallah, a 22-year-old man was killed and 14 others were wounded by Israeli troops using live fire, Palestinian health officials said.

In Gaza, medical officials said Israeli forces had shot and wounded four Palestinians east of the enclave after they threw stones while rioting near the fence with Israel.

Meanwhile, Israel has resumed the demolition of the homes of terrorists convicted in the murder of its citizens.

The IDF tore down the homes of four terrorists over the weekend, after the High Court finally rejected petitions to annul the orders which the petitioners argue is a form of collective punishment. The state defended it as a necessary and effective deterrent.

The military said the three homes in Shechem belonged to terrorists who killed an Israeli couple in front of their children in Yehudah and Shomron on Oct. 1. It said the other home, near Ramallah, belonged to a man who killed an Israeli on his way home from a basketball game.

Arrest raids of terrorists also continued. The IDF, Border Police and Yehudah and Shomron District Police arrested 22 Palestinian suspects late Motzoei Shabbos. Of those, 13 were arrested on suspicion of acts of violence against civilians and security forces, Arutz Sheva said.

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