Jewish Man Stabbed in Face Multiple Times in Milan, Italy

MILAN, Italy ( -

A Jewish man was stabbed multiple times in the face outside of a pizza shop Thursday evening in Milan, Italy. The victim, Natan Graf, a husband and father in his 40s, is “not in danger,” said Rabbi Moshe Shaikevitz, director of Milan’s Chabad center.

The attack happened at 8:20 p.m. local time outside the Carmel Kosher Pizzeria in the heart of Milan’s Jewish neighborhood, mere yards away from a Jewish school.

According to Shaikevitz, a number of young Israeli students standing not far from the scene heard the victim’s screams and came to his aid while the assailant, who they said appeared to be an Arab male, fled with a waiting accomplice. The attacker has not yet been apprehended.

“There is always police protection outside the community school, the Chabad school, synagogues and other Jewish institutions, and there is also a local Jewish protection group,” explained Shaikevitz. “We all hope and pray nothing like this happens again.”

Shaikevitz added that while there’s no general feeling that the Italian Jewish community will have to face circumstances similar to ones in nearby France or Denmark, “we have to be extra careful.”

The victim’s family has requested that people daven for Natan ben Chaya Sarah.