Partial Easing of Eastern Yerushalayim Crackdown

YERUSHALAYIM (Hamodia Staff) -

With the frequency of terrorist attacks sharply down in Yerushalayim, police announced Wednesday the removal of some of the roadblocks that were set up in eastern Yerushalayim to quell the violence.

Police put up the barriers last month at the entrances to several Palestinian neighborhoods that are home to a number of the terrorists who carried out deadly attacks in recent weeks. Jebl Mukaber, which borders the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood where three Israelis were killed, was one of the areas where roadblocks were taken down.

Police said Wednesday that “the change in road blocks and their removal from some points in the city comes about as a result of the achievement of a certain security stability which enables this policy of easing conditions.”

In at least one Arab neighborhood it was the promise of local Arab leaders that apparently persuaded police to ease the security measures, according to Ynet.

In any case, they warned that a return to violence “will lead police to put in place the full range of methods at its disposal against terrorist elements and rioters.”

Reinforced police patrols would still be maintained, in recognition that while things have quieted down, no fundamental change has occurred in the hostile attitude of the local population.