Gaza Perimeter Recovery One Year After Protective Edge



The Defense Ministry, which was tasked with formulating a recovery plan for the dozens of Gaza perimeter communities in the wake of Operation Protective Edge, reported on the results of a year’s work on the project with all the relevant agencies, including the Prime Minister’s Office, the Finance, Housing and Agriculture Ministries, among others.

Over 400 million shekels have been invested since the war in rebuilding infrastructure that was damaged and strengthening security structures.

184 million shekels was put into repairing roads, sewer systems, sidewalks, lighting, communications and public places.

76 million was invested in restoring farm and security roads in 25 communities.

56 million went into access roads and lighting in 40 towns in the region.

At the conference which was held to discuss the year’s progress on the project, tax officials revealed that compensation for damages sustained in the war by residents and businesses in the Gaza envelope amounted to 1.6 billion shekels, including indirect damage from the war.

Some 96% of the claims on indirect damage have been processed and paid for by the government, and 99.7% of the direct damage claims have been processed and paid for.

The project for the recovery of the Gaza perimeter in its entirety is set for completion by the end of 2016.