Terrorist in Be’er Sheva Attack Linked to Hamas

(Hamodia Staff) -

It was cleared for publication on Sunday that the terrorist last week in the Be’er Sheva bus station was in contact with Hamas.

From police inquiries, it emerges that the terrorist, 21-year-old Muhanad Alukabi of the Bedouin town of Hura, just east of Be’er Sheva, was in contact with Hamas for a considerable amount of time, and the attack was coordinated with them.

At the end of a joint investigation by the Negev Police and the Shin Bet, a criminal statement was filed against the brother of the terrorist that he had not prevented the attack, after his interrogation revealed that he knew his brother had bought a gun and that he had seen the radicalization of his brother, and had not reported it.

Southern District Commander Major General Yoram Halevy noted that “today, after a gag order was removed, we can unequivocally say, contrary to the rumors and conspiracy theories circulated in recent days on social networks, that Muhanad Alukabi is not an innocent man.”