Greenfield Launches Street Cleanup In Flatbush, Boro Park

BROOKLYN (Hamodia staff) -

Councilman David Greenfield on Tuesday launched an expanded cleanup initiative, employing homeless men and women to sweep the district’s sidewalks and empty its trash-bins.

Greenfield has partnered with The Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless and is funding cleanups for the following streets: 16th Avenue between 44th Street and 54th Street, Avenue J between East 10th Street and East 18th Street, Coney Island Avenue from Avenue I to Avenue K, Avenue M between McDonald Avenue and Ocean Parkway, and Kings Highway between McDonald and Ocean Parkway.

“One of the top complaints that I get is about dirty streets. Our district is one of the most beautiful in the city — our streets should be too. Thanks to this new program, our major avenues will now be much cleaner,” Greenfield said.