Army and Shin Bet Enter Bitunya, Arrest Top Hamas Terrorist


Israeli Military forces together with members of the Shin Bet entered the village of Bitunya, southwest of Ramallah, early Monday morning and arrested Hassan Yousef, saying he had been “actively instigating and inciting terrorism” by encouraging attacks against Israelis.

Yousef is a senior Hamas terrorist operating in Yehudah and Shomron. He was jailed several times in the past.

“Hamas’ leaders cannot expect to propagate violence and terror from the comfort of their living rooms and pulpits of their mosques,” said Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, a military spokesman.

The Israeli military also demolished the home of a Palestinian who murdered an Israeli woman last November. Maher Hashlamoun rammed his car into 25-year-old Dalia Lemkus, Hy”d, at a bus stop near Alon Shvut  and stabbed her several times before being shot and apprehended. The demolishment was held up for almost a year due to legal objections.

Lerner said the demolition “sends a clear message that there is a personal price to pay when you are involved in terror.”