Hess Truck’s Back — Even Though Gas Stations Are No More

A fleet of toy Hess trucks. (Flickr/x376)
A fleet of toy Hess trucks. (Flickr/x376)

Hess gas stations are no more, but the annual toy truck is back.

Hess Toy Trucks on Monday unveiled a red firetruck and ladder rescue that it will begin selling November 1.

Hess has been selling the toy trucks at its gas stations since 1964, but this is the first time it will be sold after the company’s gas stations were sold last year to Marathon Petroleum.

The toy will be sold online for $30.99 and at mall kiosks around New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Batteries are included.

The truck has oversized tires, swiveling chrome-detailed fire hose nozzles and LED lights, and four sound effects.