Palestinians Set Fire To Kever Yosef

YERUSHALAYIM (Hamodia Staff) -

A Palestinian mob attempted to burn down Kever Yosef early Friday morning, and extensive damage was done before they could be stopped.

The hundreds of Palestinians involved were dispersed and the fire put out by Palestinian police before IDF forces could arrive on the scene, according to The Jerusalem Post.

The IDF said that it will repair the site in order to allow Jewish visitors to enter.

However, on Sunday there was already another violent incident, in which a group of about 30 Jewish visitors were confronted by PA police brandishing using batons and firearms. Shortly thereafter, a group of Palestinians arrived and began attacking the students. Light injuries were reported.

The IDF intervened and removed the students, who were there without the requisite permits, which are required for visitation under an agreement with the PA.

Five of the Jews involved in the altercation were ordered to four days house arrest by the Petach Tikva Magistrates’ Court, Arutz Sheva said.