Regional Briefs – October 9, 2015

Shore Town Drops Plan to Limit Parking to Residents

DEAL, N.J. – Officials in a wealthy Jersey Shore enclave on Thursday tabled an ordinance that would have restricted parking on six streets near the newly replenished beaches to residents only, The Associated Press reported. Deal borough said that no action will be taken on the controversial plan.

Auditors Fault NYC Handling Of Car Locks for Drunk Drivers

ALBANY – State auditors say the NYC Department of Probation has failed to supervise thousands of people convicted of drunken driving, allowing them to evade the required installation of ignition interlocks, The Associated Press reported. Locks prevent vehicles from starting when the driver’s blood alcohol exceeds a limit.

Man Arrested for Posing as Cop, Makes Traffic Stop

CICERO, N.Y. – A man was arrested on Tuesday for posing as a police officer, the Post-Standard reported. Salvatore McCarthy was on Rt. 31 in an unmarked Crown Victoria with emergency lights when he pulled over a vehicle. But the driver recognized him and called 911.

Toys ’R’ Us to Open 3-Story Store at American Dream Mall

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – Toys R Us is planning to open in the fall of 2017 a three-story store in New Jersey as part of the American Dream project, The Associated Press reported. But it will not replace the company’s Manhattan flagship site, which closes in December.

License Suspended for N.J. Nurse Who Reused Syringes

WEST WINDSOR, N.J. – A nurse who used just two syringes to give flu shots to 67 patients at Otsuka Pharmaceutical voluntarily surrendered her license on Thursday, The Associated Press reported. Officials say the risk of infection is low since the needles were new.

Man Charged in Radio-Controlled Drone at Capitol

ALBANY – The operator of a small radio-controlled hobby drone flying over the Capitol last month was charged with reckless endangerment, The Associated Press reported. Adam Rupeka, 36, was caught when he asked to get his aircraft off the roof after it hit a chimney.