VW’s Top U.S. Exec Learned of Emissions Issues in 2014


Volkswagen’s top U.S.-based executive is expected to testify before Congress Thursday that he first learned in 2014 of emissions problems with the German automaker’s diesel cars.

But in prepared remarks, Volkswagen Group of America CEO Michael Horn doesn’t directly address when he was first told his company had developed on-board computer software designed to deceive emissions tests.

Horn is scheduled to testify before a House subcommittee, which on Wednesday was provided an advance copy of the executive’s written testimony. It will be the first appearance on Capitol Hill by Horn, a 51-year-old German who took over management of the company’s American subsidiary last year.

In the testimony, Horn again apologizes for the cheating, which hid illegal levels of emissions produced by nearly 500,000 “clean diesel” cars sold in the U.S.