Rockland County Primaries Today


Monsey candidates and voters prepared for Rockland County’s primary elections, which will determine party candidates for several key local positions. Polls are set to open throughout Rockland County Thursday morning.

“It’s very important for people to come out and vote,” Rockland County Majority Leader Aron Wieder told Hamodia. “The cliché of ‘every vote counts’ has been proven to be more than a cliché. Many elections have been decided by double- or even single-digit differences.”

Wieder is himself a candidate in the primary against contender Jacques Michel. He is no stranger to the importance of voter turnout, having lost a primary run for State Assembly by only 61 votes last September.

The election will also determine Democratic candidates for several other county legislature seats, for Ramapo’s town board, and a judge seat. Together with the town supervisor, the four-member board is responsible for many fundamental local budget, tax and administrative issues.

“The supervisor [Christopher St. Lawrence] has done a lot of good for the town and it is important that he has a strong board to back him up,” a Monsey askan who asked not to be named told Hamodia.

A large county deficit, high taxes, keeping up with a rapidly expanding demand for housing, and improving public transportation are some major issues in the area that any victorious candidate would have to address.

“There has definitely been a huge effort to get the vote out,” said Mr. Wieder. “We hope that it will translate into solid results.”

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