Dore Gold: We Never Aimed to Stop Iran Deal

YERUSHALAYIM (Hamodia Stfaff) -

Foreign Ministry Director-General Dore Gold denied on Thursday that it was the policy goal of the state of Israel to thwart approval of the Iran nuclear deal.

In an interview with Army Radio, Gold maintained that the intention was only to raise awareness of the flaws and dangers inherent in the accord, but not to stop it.

“I never committed myself either to you or anyone else,” said Gold, reportedly a close confidante of Prime Minister Netanyahu. “I never went into those specifics.”

“The Israeli message was significant and remains significant and was well received, among the American public too,” Gold said, adding that it showed the broad opposition to the deal in Israel, both in the government and the opposition.

Gold also dismissed the suggestion that emerging Senate support to ratify the deal was a major diplomatic defeat for Israel.

“Certainly not at all,” Gold said. “Most of Congress is against the deal.”