Chevron Arabs Attack Five Bachurim; Two Hurt

YERUSHALAYIM (Hamodia Staff) —

Five American bachurim studying in a yeshivah in Israel took a wrong turn that almost cost them their lives on Thursday. They were pelted with rocks and firebombs by a mob in Chevron after mistakenly entering an Arab neighborhood.

Two of them were treated by Hatzolah volunteers for light-to-moderate injuries suffered from rocks and broken glass, but b’chasdei haShamayim they escaped their car before it was burned.

The bachurim were reportedly on their way to be mispallel in Maaras HaMachpeleh when they accidentally entered the Palestinian neighborhood of Jabal Johar and were set upon by the local population.

One of the survivors told Arutz Sheva on Thursday night how during the attack “They were screaming ‘Jew, Jew, Jew,” he said.

They had been misdirected there by the navigational system Waze, according to security sources.

A local resident, Fayez Abu Hamdiyeh, took them into his home for safety from the mob, where they waited until IDF soldiers and police arrived to take them out.

A spokesman for the Chevron Jewish community Noam Arnon told reporters that the IDF used to have a checkpoint at the entrance to the area where the incident occurred. But last week the military handed the checkpoint over to the Palestinian security forces, Arnon said.

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