Cuz Obama Told Me So

Plain and simple, Jerry Nadler, the man who prides himself on his relationships with the Jewish community, let us down. Stabbed us in the back.

For those of us who care deeply about Israel — and with America getting nothing out of this agreement it all boils down to how safe the deal makes Israel and our Gulf allies — Jerry Nadler infuriated us.

Despite the many rumors swirling around, I do not question Nadler’s motives. He has a long and strong pro-Israel record and I take him at his word when he writes that he brought “to my analysis the full weight of my responsibilities as a member of Congress, and my perspective as an American Jew who is both a Democrat and a strong supporter of Israel.” I believe that he really considers this deal, despite the dire warning by Israel’s leadership, as better than no deal at all.

Cuz Obama told me so.

Nadler last week received a letter from President Obama answering his concerns. He then metamorphed overnight from openly skeptical about the Iran deal to an avid supporter. The communication was his first in Obama’s six and a half years in the White House. Obama knows where to find them.

Nadler became the first New York Jewish Democrat to back the deal, which allows Iran a full nuclear program in 15 years max — a skip, hop and jump in the lifetime of nations.

Who said presidents don’t have power?

Not that Nadler’s decision, called “thoughtful” by Nadler and his apologists, does not make sense to Nadler. He wrote a 5,000-plus word article defending it, denouncing the angry rhetoric on both sides, claiming that the snapback provisions are good enough and that there’s always the military option.

Cuz Obama told me so.

But the decision, as Nadler’s across-town colleague Chuck Schumer wrote in a truly thoughtful piece two weeks ago, is dangerous for Israel, dangerous for America’s allies in the region and dangerous for America.

In exchange for, oh, only about $100 billion in cash, Iran does not have to release U.S. hostages it holds, does not have to stop threatening Israel cartographers, does not have to stop arming Hizbullah, Assad and Hamas, does not have to modify their “Death to America! Death to Israel!” anthem.

My goodness, they don’t even have to allow international inspectors in, according to an Associated Press report. Come for coffee, just bring your own sugar. We’ll supply the samples.

The deal will not be considered broken even if Iran uses the billions in Obamadollars to support terrorism and terrorist regimes around the world. Obama has been careful to always mention that there’s a strong possibility that some of the money will indeed go for that. Presto, funding terrorism is no longer a deal breaker.

Cuz Obama told me so.

Obama calls the Persian March mere politicking by the supreme leader, forgetting that supreme leaders don’t have constituencies. The enemy is not Iran, it’s the Republicans who are “making common cause” with “Iran’s hardliners.” And whoever votes against the deal, he helpfully adds, is a warmonger.

But the deal actually makes America and Israel safer, Nadler says.

Cuz Obama told me so.

Obama’s claim that he can always snap back the sanctions if Iran reneges is a specious argument if there ever was one. What if Iran goes over the spinning centrifuges by just a couple of hundred? Russia, Switzerland and Britain have already reopened their embassies, accepted the visits of banned individuals or announced the end of the economic ban. And this is before the deal is even in place. Snapback? Hello?

Obama’s claim that there’s always a military option? By that time Iran will be much closer to The Bomb. Bombing a nuke facility could spread radiation for tens of miles. Would Obama, who has made ending nuclear proliferation his signature issue during his 2008 campaign, bomb Iran? Would Russia and China support the U.S.? What about Europe? I doubt it. But the deal, must be approved.

Cuz Obama told me so.

Congressman Nadler, the ayatollahs thank you. The fact that you represent Ground Zero only adds the symbolic backdrop.

(Reprinted from Monday’s daily)

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