Hunger Striker Wakens, Refuses Treatment


After awakening from a medically-induced coma, hunger-striking Jihadist Muhammed Allan indicated to doctors on Tuesday that he is refusing receive further treatment. Doctors are planning to ask him directly if he would prefer to die.

Allan was taken off of a respirator earlier in the day and his condition was reportedly improved. He has been in critical condition after 65 days of refusing to eat.

According to hospital statements, Allan will continue to receive “essential medical treatments,” in the meantime.

Israel’s High Court issued an interim ruling on Monday that the administrative detention of Allan was legal, although it ordered a review of his health status on Wednesday. Detention without trial was the Islamic Jihad terrorist’s reason for the hunger strike.

The State Attorney’s Office said on Monday that it would consider releasing him if he agreed to leave the country for four years. But the offer was rejected by Allan’s lawyers and family.

MK Yousef Jabareen (Hadash), who was present at Monday’s court hearing, warned there would be an increase in protest activities by the country’s Arab community if the court rejected the petition to let him go.

Security forces are on alert, in case his death should trigger widespread violence. On Friday, Palestinian sources reported that prisons in Israel were under lockdown for fear of riots.