Blue Bell Ice Cream to Return on Aug. 31

DALLAS (The Dallas Morning News/TNS) -

Blue Bell has announced the return of its ice cream to store shelves.

In a video produced by the company, Ricky Dickson, vice president of sales and marketing, announced a phased return of Blue Bell ice cream that will begin on Aug. 31.

The first of five phases will include Brenham, the city about 70 miles northwest of Houston where the company is based; Houston, Austin and parts of Alabama where the product is being made.

“Our plan is to return to store shelves in five phases,” Dickson said. “This first phase will begin Monday, Aug. 31, and when we can properly service the customers in each area we will add new areas.”

All Blue Bell ice cream was recalled on April 20 after a Listeria outbreak was found in its production lines and products. Dickson’s video announcement came just days after the company released video of Blue Bell trucks loaded with ice cream leaving its Alabama plant.