Monsey Forshay Rd. To Be Expanded in ‘Massive’ Project


A stretch of a busy Monsey road will undergo massive reconstruction after Rockland County’s legislature voted to approve the necessary funding for the project.

Forshay Rd. was deemed by the legislators on Wednesday as not adequate to handle the cars and pedestrians.

“It’s been in the works for at least a decade and I’m glad to see it’s finally coming to fruition,” said Legislator Ilan Schoenberger, who sponsored the bill along with Phil Soskin.

“When it’s done,” Soskin said, “the road should be much improved and people will have sidewalks so they can safely walk without constantly worrying about being hit by a car.”

The $12.5 million project includes the reconstruction of Forshay Road between the Viola and Willow Tree Road intersections, with improved drainage and new sidewalks, traffic signals and signage. The county will cover 5 percent of the cost, while the state covers 15 percent and the federal government the other 80 percent.

According to The History of Rockland County, the road is so-named due to the long residence of members of the Forshay family in the area.

County Historian Craig Long said that in 1851, W.S. Forshay built a cigar manufacturing shop near the intersection of Forshay and Grandview Avenue. By 1886, the shop employed 12 workers and was turning out 600,000 cigars annually.

Today, the area is comprised of single-family homes with yards and trees.