Regional Briefs – August 3, 2015

Program Lets Pedestrians Carry Flags at Intersections

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – A town on Thursday launched a “Flag It!” program to train people on how to use orange flags while crossing busy intersections, the Home News Tribune reported. Pedestrians wait as long as 15 minutes to cross and there have been many fatalities.

New Jersey Officer Rescues Child From Hot Minivan

HACKENSACK, N.J. – An officer alerted Thursday to a toddler crying and sweating profusely in a minivan smashed the window and rescued the girl, The Associated Press reported. The girl was hospitalized and released to her father. The child’s mother was arrested.

Copter Makes Emergency Landing on Golf Course

STATEN ISLAND – A Coast Guard helicopter safely made an emergency landing on a Staten Island golf course Sunday because of smoke and fumes in the cockpit, The Associated Press reported. They were returning from monitoring an oil spill that occurred when a tugboat struck a pier in New Jersey.

Toll-Cheat Impersonated Brother to Avoid $7K Bill

FORT LEE, N.J. – A motorist assumed his brother’s identity to avoid paying $7,500 in unpaid tolls, The Associated Press reported. Richard Boyce, stopped on Thursday for not paying a GWB toll, produced an ID with his photo and his brother’s name. He was arrested.

Man Seriously Injured After Touching Power Line

ATLANTIC BEACH, N.Y. – A Long Island man was seriously injured Saturday after touching a live power line while trying to hang an American flag for a block party, The Associated Press reported. The 27-year-old was holding a metal pole, which touched the 7,620-volt line, sending him into cardiac arrest.

Man Arrested After Punching Officer Unconscious

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. – A man stopped for dancing in the street with a traffic cone on Friday night punched a cop until he was unconscious, the Post-Star reported. James Hilton, 32, was told by Officer Mark Weekes to drop the cone. Hilton threw Weekes over his shoulder, punching him and fracturing his skull.