Town Helps 92-Year-Old Vet Who Got Lost on Way to Meeting


A 92-year-old Navy veteran received a hero’s welcome in a New Jersey town where he ended up by mistake.

Oscar Ehrhart left his home in Waynesboro, Penn., on Friday morning heading for a local American Legion meeting. But he must have taken a wrong turn because he ended up 200 miles away in Robbinsville. He asked a resident for directions home, then planned to sleep in his car. The resident called police for help, and Robbinsville police Sgt. Thomas Egan took him to a hotel for the night.

The only issue: Egan had left his wallet at the police station. The police brought his wallet to him. Instead, the manager of the Hampton Inn gave him a free night’s stay.

“They are an amazing group of men and women who do their jobs extremely well, and in many cases go above and beyond the call of duty,” Robbinsville Mayor Dave Fried said of his officers. “With so many negative media reports surrounding police forces around the country, the Robbinsville PD continues to be a beacon for what is right.”

“This story is really about Robbinsville,” Egan said. “I’m really proud of this town and proud of the place I work.”