Herzog Says No Again To Unity Government


Zionist Camp chairman Isaac Herzog again said “No” on Sunday to suggestions that he has been covertly planning to make Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s dream of a unity government come true.

Herzog sought to quash the rumors at a party gathering, where he called for bringing down the government rather than keeping it going. Political observers have pointed to his last meeting with Netanyahu, in which he voiced support for the prime minister’s position rejecting the Iran deal, and Meretz leader Zahava Gal-On last week proclaimed it as a fact that he was going over to the coalition.

“This is a government that needs to be replaced today,” he said. “It should not be lent a hand or a life raft. It needs to be replaced today, tomorrow, as soon as possible. Binyamin Netanyahu needs to be replaced. It’s time to send him home. H-O-M-E!”

He castigated the government for failing to deliver in a number of areas.

“This government — which is responsible for the high cost of living, the exorbitant housing costs, the failure to attain a reasonable gas deal for the citizens of Israel, the disgraceful conditions which contract workers are forced to endure, the inexplicable rift with our greatest friend in the world, the cessation of the peace process, the curtailing of the media and legal systems — needs to be replaced today,” Herzog said.

Lest he be seen as a critic with no alternative to offer, Herzog included a few “yesses” in his remarks as well.

“We say ‘Yes’ to rebuilding our relationship with the U.S., which Bibi destroyed.”

“We say ‘Yes’ to lowering the cost of living,” he said. “We say ‘Yes’ to a war on poverty, ‘Yes’ to an equitable distribution of wealth among the various sectors of society.”