Prosecutor Filings Detail Fatal Stairwell Shooting by NYPD


A rookie police officer was arguing with his partner over who should call their supervisor in the chaotic moments after he’d accidentally fired his gun into a darkened stairwell of a Brooklyn public housing complex, and he did nothing to help when he discovered later that he’d mortally wounded an unarmed man, the prosecution says in court papers released Tuesday.

Officer Peter Liang, who had been sent to patrol a crime-infested neighborhood, is charged with manslaughter in the Nov. 20 death of Akai Gurley. He has pleaded not guilty and his lawyer notes the shooting was an accident.

“Neither defendant nor Officer Landau provided any medical care to Mr. Gurley. Nor did they summon an ambulance,” prosecutors wrote in the court filing. Instead, the two of them walked around Gurley’s body to the landing on the fourth floor.

It was nearly 20 minutes after the shooting when the officers radioed to report “an accidental fire.”