Hizbullah Says IAF Struck Lebanese Remote Area to Destroy Drone

BEIRUT (Reuters) -

An Israeli war plane struck a remote area in Lebanon’s western Bekaa region on Sunday to destroy a downed Israeli drone, according to the Hizbullah-run al-Manar news.

An Israeli military spokeswoman declined to comment when asked about the explosion.

A Lebanese security source told Reuters that the cause of the blast, which occurred in a mountainous area near the town of Saghbein, “is still not 100 percent clear but most probably it was an Israeli air strike to destroy their drone.”

It was not clear if there were casualties.

Last year, Israel remotely detonated a spying device that was planted near a main road in south Lebanon after it was discovered by Hizbullah. That blast killed a Hizbullah member, and the group responded by detonating a bomb on Lebanon’s border with Israel, wounding two Israeli soldiers.